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Aieisha Okoro 

Aieisha Okoro is one of the creative forces to the Sankofa Wellness mission. She is a wife, mother, Real Estate Agent of 5 years. 

Aieisha has the experience  needed to assist Sankofa Wellness with our growth and expansion.

Aieisha is a living example of an extreme label reader. She encourages others to be cognizant of the things they put in their bodies and her family of six eats or ingest nothing (In the home) unless she knows exactly what's in it.


Being a compassionate nurturer, she looks forward to serving clients in elevating their mental and physical health through the natural healing legacy of plant medicines.   


Leslie Bell

Co -founder Leslie Bell is an unwavering entrepreneur. She has owned and operated businesses for over 30 years, nightclubs, sports bar, janitorial services, restaurants,  water filtration company and more.  


During her entrepreneurship she watched her mother, siblings, and other family members suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and various side effects from medicines, oftentimes, far worse than the actual illness. This experience started her quest for healthier and more wholistic ways of treating chronic illnesses. 

After losing multiple family members to various illnesses Leslie decided that plant based healing was the road to a better quality of life. Her daily routine includes the use of hemp creams, cbds, and plant based energy drinks.  She is excited about the opportunity to share her experience,  knowledge, and natural way of living. 


Anthony James


Sales & Marketing, Anthony James used painkillers for years. From 800 milligram Motrin to Oxycontin.


During the times he  used prescription medication it helped with the pain, but he also experienced depression, shortness of breath, sleeplessness, stomach pains, his face looked fat, and many times his back would break out with acne.  He continued taking the pills because it helped with the pain. 

In 2017, while working as a National Sales Representative for Mattress Firm, he was in Las Vegas, when a co-worker introduced him to CBD Oil and Smokable Flower. After doing an independent investigation, he learn about the various cannabinoids and how they interact with the body. 

"When i realized that you can smoke CBD and CBG and not get high, I knew this pain relief "natural plant thing" was for me and at that moment I knew it was something great to share"...


Sankofa Wellness Store

Sankofa Wellness Store


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