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It’s not surprising that the conversation about using CBD for sex has so much attention lately. As CBD makes its way into different industries, it was just a matter of time before people started wondering about its potential use in the

bedroom. It’s not just consumers who are curious, but businesses and multinational corporations as well; after all, sex sells. This is why you’ve probably heard at least once about how a certain product like chocolate, champagne, ginseng, or lobster act as aphrodisiacs and thus improve sex. According to many, they very well might.

Whether you’re a consumer trying to spice up your sex life or a business looking for a new product to hit all sex shops in America, this article will help you understand the relationship between CBD and sex.

Limited Research Notice Before we get into the weeds of the matter, it’s worth noting that CBD research is still relatively new regarding its effects on the human body and mind. This means that although there might be many studies indicating the beneficial properties of CBD on multiple fronts, most claims are still being debated by the medical and scientific community.

As limited research as there might be, there are anecdotal accounts of people who recommend CBD for sex drive and intimacy.

Dosage & Strain Considerations One thing you cannot ignore before contemplating CBD in the bedroom is dosage. Cannabis smokers claim to feel different effects according to the strains they consume, but that is because what they smoke is a mix of CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids in certain proportions.

For CBD users, the THC content and the presence of other cannabinoids are generally minimal (some products like broad or full-spectrum extracts will have traces of other cannabinoids). THC and other cannabinoids are separated from the CBD compound during the extraction process so that the strain from which the CBD was extracted makes little difference compared to the dose you ingest.

Just as with THC and practically every other cannabinoid (and any other substance for that matter), the method of intake and the difference of amounts will cause different reactions. Multiple factors like weight, metabolism, and lifestyle can also affect how a specific individual reacts to a certain dose of CBD. This is known as pharmacokinetics, making it practically impossible to define or determine an exact amount that will work for everyone. In the face of this inevitable uncertainty, at least the first time you try it, we highly advise you to err on the side of caution and begin with a smaller dose than the manufacturer’s recommended, and work your way up gradually if you’re just not feeling it.

What to Know About Using CBD for Sex CBD Before Going Into the Bedroom. Sex is as much a mental act as it is a physical one, if not more so. Therefore, having the right attitude and mindset is often the biggest contributor to healthy sex life. It is here where CBD and libido coincide, as the former enables the latter by working in the endocannabinoid system to promote a positive mood and reduce inhibitions. With its mind-calming effects, CBD has shown to possibly decrease anxiety and stress, both of which are leading causes for a low sex drive. Studies measuring testosterone levels have also discovered a link between cannabis use and high hormone levels in males. However, other publications have shown the opposite, leaving room for doubt.

However, anxiety and stress have been linked to lower testosterone levels, so by tackling the root problem, CBD should help men improve their sex drive. In general terms, CBD could help ease all kinds of mental insecurities like performance anxiety, self-esteem, intimacy, depression, and many others, acting as roadblocks to a healthy libido.

CBD in The Bedroom Aside from helping individuals let go of mental restraints that could hold them back from enjoying a satisfying sex life, CBD can also work by physically altering the body so that it is better prepared for a sexual encounter.

Muscle Relaxation According to the chiropractic community, CBD acts as a natural muscle relaxant by inhibiting the release of neurotransmitters known to induce muscle rigidity and spasms. As sexual climax occurs at the intersection between high arousal and high relaxation, it seems logical to assume that relaxed muscles would be a key component for optimal results in the bedroom.

Pain Relief and Soreness Professional athletes can vouch for CBD´s ability to reduce muscle pain and damage while promoting regeneration. Science seems to back their claims; multiple studies suggest that CBD can help in muscle recovery and inhibit the neural endings in charge of perceiving pain. In cases where localized muscle pain gets in the way of experiencing pleasure, CBD ointments and creams can be very effective at alleviating soreness and allowing the individual to enjoy freely without the worry of ruining a perfect moment to deal with an uncomfortable muscle spasm.

Lubrication Intercourse creates friction, and friction demands lubrication to be pleasurable. While there are many gels and intimate oils available in the market, a CBD lubricant will not only ease friction upon contact but will also promote blood flow to the treated areas and increase natural lubrication. Topical CBD also has anti-inflammatory agents that alleviate soreness caused by prolonged friction, thus allowing couples to enjoy a longer session before irritation becomes an issue.

Erectile Dysfunction The causes of ED can be as varied as the number of products available to treat it. Although many cases are brought down to psychological issues, some others could be caused by deeper medical problems requiring surgical intervention. CBD can prove to be a powerful ally in cases where anxiety, stress, depression, or even trauma could be the root cause. As mentioned earlier, CBD’s calming effects on the brain allow the individual to reach a more relaxed and uninhibited state of mind which can help to focus on the pleasure and not the insecurities. Additionally, by helping relax the blood vessels to promote genital blood flow, CBD could relieve ED and promote longer-lasting sexual encounters.

What Are Some CBD Products for Sex? The amount of CBD products hitting the market is outstanding. But, unfortunately, labs and certifying agencies can’t even keep up with entrepreneurs experimenting and creating new products that they claim are the new cure to some ailment, which poses a problem for the consumer. With so many choices and so little verified knowledge available, it can be hard to know which products are actual quality and just play the placebo game.

An excellent way to check products in the CBD industry is by looking at the certificate of analysis (COA) which is like an x-ray of all the components in a specific manufacturer’s product. These analyses allow the consumer to verify the quality of the product before purchasing, and thus being able to read them is very important to understand what you are buying. In general terms, you want to look for products with a high percentage CBD, low percentage THC, and if you want to take advantage of the entourage effect, traces of other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and CBN are more than welcome.

Once you’ve found trusted and verified manufacturers (you can find hundreds at the largest CBD and hemp event in America), then you can begin to try out the different types of products like CBD lube, gummy bears, creams, pills, oils, gels and many others that could help spice up things.

Any Drawbacks to Trying CBD? The short answer; no. Current research indicates that very few side effects exist for cannabinoids like THC and CBD. The World Health Organization has reported that CBD is safe. The only potential side effects are likely caused by interactions with other medications an individual might be taking.

It is possible to have an allergic reaction to pretty much everything, that includes CBD or any of the substances used to deliver the component (gel, cream, oil, etc.), and that’s another reason to start with a very small dose and see the effects in your body before taking on a bigger dose. Some people have reported stomach upset, loss of appetite, and fatigue after using CBD, but symptoms are usually mild.

While CBD oil for sex may have benefits when it comes to the act itself, scientists have concerns about how using the cannabis plant affects fertility. Some studies have suggested that marijuana use could decrease normal sperm development in men, reducing fertilization.

In women, it is thought to affect the normal reproductive cycle, including ovulation potentially. However, the publication refers to marijuana (with THC) and not just CBD, so scientists haven’t broken out fertility effects by cannabinoid. Hence, it’s tough to say if CBD, THC, or something else in the plant is the cause.

In any case, if you are considering getting pregnant in the upcoming future, you should talk to your doctor about whether you should use CBD for sex or any other purpose.

Where To Learn More? So, if you’re still curious about CBD and want to get more information on it and its effects, consider attending a trade show. USA CBD Expo, for example, is a great option where you can meet and talk directly with experts and vendors. Its 2021 Atlanta features recognized speakers such as Jaime Sullivan from Phoenix Intimates. Sullivan will be sharing her knowledge about intimate CBD products that relax, arouse, and lubricate naturally, bettering your feelings about sex.

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